Our Hair Loss Prevention Program

Hair Loss Prevention=Hair Loss Prevention For Women

Meet with a Trichologist Practitioner

The first step is to meet with one of our Trichologist practitioners for a consultation and diagnosis. Our certified Trichologists will conduct a thorough hair and scalp analysis by using our advanced technology to get a microscopic view of your scalp, all the way down to the hair root.

At New Look Institute, we provide hair loss prevention services for women and men. We customize your treatment program based on your particular hair loss issues, your degree of hair loss, and the condition of your scalp and hair. Symptoms of an unhealthy scalp and causes of hair loss can be:

-Dry brittle hair / dull hairHair Loss Prevention Scalp Health - Connecticut

– Itchy Dry scalp

-Oily scalp

-Dandruff – Oily or Dry

-Psoriasis or eczema

-Androgenetic hair loss or male pattern baldness

-Seasonal hair loss

-Hair loss post pregnancy

-Persigrow-laseristent or occasional itching


-Hair loss due to medical treatments like chemotherapy

How to Regain Healthy Hair

After a trichologist practitioner conducts your analysis, they will figure out the root cause of your hair loss and decide if you are a candidate for hair regrowth. Based on your unique set of needs they will then suggest the best route of preventive treatment for you.

At New Look Institute, we use Capilia’s Head First all-natural products which were developed by doctors and Trichologists and are safe for you and the environment. Our hair regrowth programs conveniently combine a series of in home care and in salon treatments. We believe that combining early detection with the proper preventive hair loss program, getting your healthy hair back is possible.

Hair Loss Prevention

The various causes of hair loss are numerous among both women and men. Getting to the root of hair loss concerns as soon as possible with our customized applications and hair care techniques will allow you to keep your natural hair healthy and vibrant for a longer period of time. Whether or not you’re showing signs of advanced hair loss, early intervention is always the best defense against future hair loss.