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New Look Hair Replacement Professionals has been helping men, and women in the San Jose area with their hair restoration for over 15 years, and while times have certainly changed, our dedication and passion for helping our clients has only grown. Take a moment and see what some of our clients have to say about what it has been like for them to work with us!

I have interacted with about six people on the staff and everyone is genuinely so nice. The last service that I had was with Cindy for a facial and scalp massage. She was amazing. Wonderful experience. The gentleman at the front desk is always welcoming. As is the woman that works the front desk (short, curly hair.) Always a smile on their face and very pleasant. And Sima is a character. Very knowledgeable with a let’s get this done attitude. I always feel like they know who I am when I arrive, which is very comforting. I am very happy with my experiences at NLI.

— Annmarie Gardner

Women's Hair Replacement - San Jose, CA
Men's Hair Replacement - San Jose, CA

I’m a lot like a hairy guerilla and with it being summer and all I don’t like to go out like that. Oh did I mention that I could shave my chest and fill my head completely?

Well I called this place and scheduled the consultation and then read the yelp reviews. Oh dear god what did I get myself into?  So I was meaning to call and cancel my appointment but I never got around to it.

What the heck, I’ll go and just brush them off, I thought.  So I walk in and the receptionist was very helpful and kind.  When I sat down with the doc I was initial frightened and waiting for the bait and switch.  I explained that I could care less about getting this done, but my wife wanted me to do the meeting etc.

She presented me with the prices and it was decent.  So I thought went ahead and scheduled the treatment.  I immediately went home lamenting my decision, pulled up this yelp page and cried in the corner of my room.

The day of the procedure I was like a kid who crashed his dads car and his dad was on his way home.  I wet my trousers out of fear in the waiting room and then again in the procedure room (no idea what else to call it).  After a little bit we were done.

Fast forward everything turned out fantastic.  My wallet wasn’t pillaged and the treatment actually worked.

— Bill Nye-Santa Cruz, CA

Men's Hair Replacement - San Jose, CA
Women's Hair Replacement - San Jose, CA

I had laser treatment, hair / scalp treatment, and wig from New Look Institute. They have awesome service and team is caring. I was diagnosed with cancer and also bought my wig; build my confidence. I have researched so many places but this place is the best 🙂 I would recommend New Look Institute to all my friends.

— Neelam G.-Fremont, CA

Women's Laser Therapy - San Jose, CA
Men's Hair Replacement - San Jose, CA

I have only good things to say about my experience at New Look Institute. I was a client there for four years and would still be going there if I had not moved out of state. Finding out about New Look Institute changed my life in a very positive way. I went from trying to camouflage my hair loss by wearing an “out of date” hair do to having a wonderful, easy care, fashion forward look! My stylist, Mary, is the greatest and Sima was wonderful at designing the perfect unit for my needs. I used the link attachment method for almost three years and then went to clips. I found both methods very successful. The whole staff at New Look Institute is friendly and helpful.

— Ruth Macauley

Women's Hair Replacement - San Jose, CA

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