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They say, “a photo is worth a thousand words,” and this definitely rings true for our hair restoration clients. New Look Institute’s gallery of hair restoration photos is the best way we can show our clients and future clients the value of our services.

Our male photo gallery shows clients our range of styling and restoration options that allow you to find the style that’s appropriate for your hair, age and lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking hair transplants, experiencing advanced male pattern baldness or simply want to look like yourself again, New Look Institute has the hair restoration solution to suit your needs.

We invite you to browse our photos and see the real result of hair restoration on patients just like you.

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Hair Piece for Men
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Hair Replacement For Men
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Men's Hair Replacement
Men's Hair Replacement
Men's Hair Replacement

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Men’s Testimonials

Male Hair Replacement Testimonial - Michael

Male Hair Replacement Testimonial - Alex

“I remember waking up one morning, looking in the mirror and realizing that my hair was never going to grow back. As a stylist, I wouldn’t settle for anything that might look unnatural. That’s why I was picky!

Thank goodness I took my time and found you. My life has definitely changed for the better. I can relax on the weekend, enjoy my photography and not worry about people bringing up my hair loss. I would recommend this to anybody with a hair loss problem!”

Paul C., Age 24

“Every man knows when his age shows. You see it in the reactions of others. And it was something that really bothered me because, although I love my father, I didn’t want to look like him. At least not yet.

I am amazed at the technology of hair replacement today. Not only does my hair look totally natural, but I don’t have to treat it any differently than I would my own natural growing hair.

Now I look my age, and I don’t feel self-conscious in social situations.”

Patrick, Age 26

“A lot of my friends were shaving their heads in college. This was about the time I started losing my hair and I shaved mine too. What many friends didn’t know was that I was hiding behind my shaved head.

Today the fad is ending and many of my friends have grown their hair back. I can’t… I did not accept my baldness look and decided to do something about it. You were there to help me, and your SensiGraft hair replacement system that you custom made for me is absolutely the best.

As a matter of fact, taking action before advanced baldness was even more noticeable was one of the best choices of my life. Nobody can tell that I have a hair loss problem. In fact, I sometimes even forget that I have a hair loss problem.

Now, I have more fun, more sport, and more hair. Thank you.”

Jack, Age 28

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