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Men’s Hair Replacement by SensiGraft non-surgical custom Men’s Hair. Untilizing the latest in non-surgical men’s hair replacement technology, SensiGraft Hair for Men offers a perfect solution for active men experiencing hair loss and thinning hair. SensiGraft men’s hair replacement systems integrate with your own existing hair to add just the right amount of density and length to your existing hair, giving you the full, natural look and style you want.

Long, short, any color, any style, your individually customized SensiGraft hair replacement makes it easy to say goodbye to hair loss anxiety once and for all.

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Sensigraft Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Men


If you are experiencing male pattern baldness, thinning hair or alopecia, and are nervous about surgical hair replacement or medical hair restoration, or if you want the option to style your hair the way you want, then SensiGraft hair replacement may be the perfect hair loss solution for you.

TOTALLY NATURAL. COMPLETELY UNDETECTABLE. Your Sensigraft non-surgical custom hair replacement provides a totally undetectable solution to male pattern baldness, alopecia and other causes of male hair loss.

With a totally natural front hairline, your individually customized SensiGraft hair replacement system is designed to meet your specific needs and desires, giving you a completely natural look and feel. Hair color is perfectly matched to your own existing hair.

And because no donor hair is required, unlike hair transplant surgery, you can have the overall density, length and style you’ve always wanted… quickly and easily, with no down time.

Each SensiGraft hair replacement system is made from the finest human hair available, giving you total confidence in your hair and look.  Daily maintenance is virtually the same as for your own growing hair.  Wash it, style it, and go.  SensiGraft is the perfect 24 hour a day, seven days a week hair loss solution.

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