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2017 Spring Hairstyle Trends for Every Face Shape

The new season is here, and everyone is ready for a change. It's time for some new clothes, new colors and a new spring hairstyle. But just how much "change" does spring call for? Something subtle or something more drastic? This could depend on the shape of a person's face. The four main face shapes are round, long, oval and square, each with their own distinct features. Which face shape looks the best with this year's styles and trends? Keep reading to find out. This article will highlight some of the trendiest haircuts for 2017 that will go perfect with any face shape. For a new, trendy haircut this season, think messy, think long and think blowouts. Here's a look [...]

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Trichoptilosis: The Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Care to Avoid Split Ends

Most women are familiar with the dreaded split ends, also known as trichoptilosis. They can make your hair dry, brittle and difficult to style. If left unmanaged, split ends can lead to more extensive damage to the hair. In the long term, keeping split ends at bay can seem like an impossible feat. The first step towards achieving and maintaining healthy locks is to understand the do's and don’ts of hair care.   Anatomy of a Split End Hair is made of individual strands comprised of three layers: 1) the medulla (innermost layer), 2) the cortex (the middle layer), and 3) the cuticle (the outer layer). The innermost of these layers is called the medulla. It contains melanin, a hair [...]

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3 Common Causes of Hair Loss in Dogs

Hair loss is a normal part of life — in all mammals! In fact, the Smithsonian published a response to the question of hair loss and stated that hair or fur loss can be seen in several animals, including coatis, Andean bears and cats of various species, including humans. However, it is also very common in dogs. We are very aware that “man” can lose his hair, but what do you do when your “best friend” is losing their hair? It can be troubling when your furry friend begins to lose some of his shiny coat, but just like with humans, there are often practical explanations and treatments for hair loss in dogs that will have Spot back to normal [...]

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Cesare Ragazzi’s CNC Hair System is Making Waves in the Media

At New Look Institute, we are proud and excited to share with you some of the media coverage that our non-surgical hair loss solution the Cesare Ragazzi CNC system is receiving in North America! Recently, Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories an Italy based company’s, CEO Stefano Ospitali was featured on Roger TV’s “In the Know”. The show featured how Cesar Ragazzi’s Capelli Naturalia Contatto natural contact hair system works. Host Julia Suppa interviewed both Stefano Ospitali and Cesar Ragazzi CNC client Jen Murphy to give the viewer a front row view of the CNC process. Ospitali describes the system as being a medical grade prosthesis, which replicates the look of the client’s own natural hair and scalp. Because the prosthetic becomes a [...]

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The Six Best Things About Hair Loss

Many folks don’t think losing their hair is ever enjoyable. And let’s face it – for many people, even talking about it has become taboo. While hair loss can be related to health issues, genes or the aging process, and while it can be an uncomfortable topic for many, it also presents a perfect opportunity to reinvent one’s self. Here are some of the best things about hair loss, and the reasons why it should never be considered a taboo topic. People can modify how old they look Changing hair color with hair replacements or wigs can drastically modify how old or young someone can look. Instead of worrying about hair turning grey or white, someone experiencing hair loss has [...]

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How to Keep Your Winter Hair Looking Natural All Season

Cold, dry days call for better self-care. It doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming, to keep your winter hair looking natural. What is important is that you give your scalp proper care and moisturization, so it doesn’t get dry and frizzy, develop split ends, or result in hair loss. Try these natural oils, conditioning treatments, and cold-weather tips to keep your winter hair looking and feeling fantastic. Deep Conditioning Treatments These help the hair’s moisture to stay replenished through those dry, winter months, and you can try a variety of treatments. Natural hair masks are especially helpful in conditioning your scalp and delicate strands. Try the following effective ones! Olive oil hair mask Especially good with those who [...]

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Five Reasons We Love Wigs

In Hollywood, the fashion industry and politics, wigs have been used for centuries both as a cosmetic component of success and as a symbol of success itself, as well as for respect and reverence. Today's wigs are so finely crafted that, without someone sharing, it is nearly impossible to determine whether a person is wearing a wig or their hair is naturally so full of body and life. Who Wears Wigs and Wefts For those who didn't already know, the actors and actresses who wear wigs and wefts both in movies and on the red carpet probably won't come as a surprise. Angelina Jolie, Nicolas Cage, Beyoncé, John Travolta, Javier Bardem and Rihanna all — famously — wear wigs to [...]

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