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August 16 2017

Wigs for Kids: When Hair Loss Happens to Your Child

New Look Institute

Yes, kids are resilient, but they're also sensitive to comments from their peers, so a natural-looking wig will be welcomed and appreciated by your child. Whatever the reason -- whether chemo, radiation, alopecia, burn recovery, etc. -- your child's outlook on their situation will be bolstered by a chance to look and feel like they did before losing their hair.

August 09 2017

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month.

New Look Institute

Welcome to National Hair Loss Awareness Month! 

For the entire month of August, salons, wig manufacturers, and hair loss specialists everywhere are doing their best to raise national awareness of hair loss. We want to talk about causes, cures, and ways to deal with hair loss for absolutely everyone. Hair loss can happen to anyone for a surprisingly long list of possible reasons. Thousands of Americans hide their hair loss, pretend it isn't happening, and risk going untreated for a curable cause because they're embarrassed. Let's start with the basics:

July 27 2017

Menopause and Hair Loss

New Look Institute

Women going through menopause know to expect certain symptoms, such as hot flashes and mood swings. Often, hair loss can be part of menopause, as well—catching some women off guard. Hair loss during menopause is surprisingly common, with more than 40 percent of women experiencing it. In this post, we’ll discuss not just the causes of menopausal hair loss, but also some good treatment options.

July 20 2017

Which Medications Lead to Hair Loss?

New Look Institute

It is well known that many medications come with potential side effects—and for many medications, the side effects can include hair loss. You are doubtless aware that many cancer treatments can contribute to baldness, just as one example—but the full list of hair loss inducing medications might take you by surprise.

In this post, we’ll talk a little bit about why some medications lead to hair loss, and we’ll also provide a general list of medical treatments that can take a toll on your hair and scalp. Finally, we’ll offer some thoughts on effective treatment for medically induced hair loss.

July 13 2017

Do you Have Female Pattern Hair Loss?

New Look Institute

Male pattern hair loss is something we’ve all heard about. Female pattern hair loss, meanwhile, isn’t discussed nearly as often. Yet, it is fairly common—and knowing its signs and symptoms is critically important. Being able to recognize female pattern hair loss when it begins allows women to begin treatment sooner rather than later—thereby increasing the likelihood of that treatment proving effective. In this post, we’ll discuss female pattern hair loss from a few different perspectives—including its causes, effects, and potential treatments. We’ll end with a few helpful notes about hair replacement, for women who have already lost a significant amount of their hair.

June 28 2017

What to Do to Care for Your Scalp

New Look Institute

You can’t have healthy hair without having a healthy scalp. Consider that your scalp is the environment where your hair grows—that any abnormality in your scalp health can impair the work of the follicles, and keep your hair from growing as long and as lustrous as it might otherwise. This is why we place such a heavy emphasis on trichology, which is the science of scalp health; without taking care of the skin on your head, you simply can’t expect your hair to look its best. In this post, we’ll offer a few New Look Institute-approved tips for scalp maintenance.

June 21 2017

How Alcohol Affects Your Appearance

New Look Institute

By now, the health risks associated with alcohol consumption are well documented, and all of us know to be moderate and responsible in our drinking. What you may not know is that, in addition to the very real and serious health perils that alcohol can bring, there are cosmetic worries, too. Drinking too much alcohol can actually impact the quality of your skin and hair, and potentially leave you with an appearance that you’re not thrilled with. In this post, we’ll explain just how alcohol impacts the skin and hair—and also offer some tips for lessening these ill effects.

June 15 2017

Are You Addicted to Skin Picking?

New Look Institute

All of us have blemishes, scabs, or pimples on our face from time to time—but not everyone is compelled to pick at them. Though there is nothing wrong with popping the occasional whitehead that forms, picking at your skin is something that can prove addicting—and it can ultimately have a hazardous effect.

May 16 2017

Motherhood and Hair Loss: What to Expect

New Look Institute

The joys of becoming a mother are many—but so are the trials and challenges! Something many new mothers experience during pregnancy, and then later during breastfeeding, is sudden hair loss. If mothers are not used to experiencing any kind of hair issues before, this could be disheartening. Here are a few things that all moms should know about motherhood and hair loss.

May 10 2017

5 Ways You May Be Inadvertently Hurting Your Hair

New Look Institute

All of us want to have healthy, vibrant hair—but did you know that there are things you do daily that could be harming your hair’s wellbeing? Simple daily routines and grooming habits can sometimes have an adverse effect on hair, without us even realizing it. Even the things you believe to be healthy for your hair may actually have the opposite effect.