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April 18 2018

Restoring Hair Growth After Therapy

New Look Institute

Aggressive radiation or chemotherapy rapidly and effectively attack growing cancer cells, but the chance of hair loss while undergoing these therapies is very real. Chemotherapy drugs also attack other rapidly growing cells in the body including those in the roots of your hair. Radiation treatments generally cause hair loss at the specific area of treatment, so cranial radiation therapy can also disrupt hair growth on the scalp.

April 11 2018

The Links Between Weight Loss and Hair Loss

New Look Institute

For many people, weight loss is not only an important way to look and feel better, but it also can be a contributor to better health and a longer life. Many people address their weight concerns with diets, cleanses, or even with weight loss surgery.

There are several reasons why weight loss, particularly sudden weight loss, can be quickly followed by hair loss. Here are the major causative factors:

April 04 2018

Sima Hilde Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

New Look Institute

At the annual Hair Visions International Hair Conference this past month, Sima Hilde, founder of New Look Institute, was honored with the esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award. This award recognizes Sima's decades of service and innovation in the hair restoration industry and her passion for helping others.

March 28 2018

Can Testosterone Cause Hair Loss For Women?

New Look Institute

The short answer to your question is yes, testosterone can cause hair loss in women, but not in a direct manner as you might think. Secondly, rest assured that New Look Institute has the solutions you need to resolve any of your individual hair loss issues and restore your hair to its natural beauty. Now let's take a clinical look at how testosterone affects hair loss in women.

March 20 2018

Burning Scalp Syndrome: What It Is and How To Treat It

New Look Institute

Have you ever felt like your scalp is burning? Have you touched your head and felt as if pins were being stuck into your scalp? If so, you may have a condition called Trichodynia, or burning scalp syndrome. This syndrome affects women more than men, as it seems to have something to do with long hair. Read on to learn more about this scalp condition.

March 08 2018

How to Keep Your Temporary Hair Loss a Secret

New Look Institute

Temporary hair loss, also known as, Telogen Effluvium, is a very common issue among men and women. The good news is that it is completely reversible. Here at New Look Institute, we are experts at keeping you looking your best with a variety of products while your hair regrows. If you are experiencing Telogen Effluvium, you may not see hair regrowth for at least one year and can even last up to 10 years, depending on the reason for the loss. In the meantime, you can access a range of products including wigs, toppers and extensions. Our experienced staff has ways for you to keep your hair loss your own little secret.

February 22 2018

Did You Know: Your Hair May Regrow With Right Treatments & Products

New Look Institute

Hair loss is different for everyone, so it's difficult to find the advice that fits your needs online. As a result, many of our clients come to us thinking hair replacement is the only option. Many are surprised to learn that their hair may regrow with the right treatments and products! If you're feeling discouraged about your options, read on to learn about our topical treatments and at-home therapy. With the right treatments and products, your hair may regrow on its own!

February 15 2018

Understanding the Difference Between Dry Dandruff and Oily Dandruff

New Look Institute

Dandruff. It's one of those things that lots of people have, but nobody ever talks about in polite conversation. Those who have it are usually embarrassed by it, and estimates about how many Americans have it fluctuate wildly, with some estimates as low as 10-15 percent and some as high as 70 percent! There are a few facts about dandruff that are a bit more concrete, however. First of all, it affects more men than women, and there are a couple of different types of dandruff. Here's how to know which type you're dealing with.

February 08 2018

Are Hair Extensions a Form of Hair Replacement?

New Look Institute

If you've got thinning hair or bald spots due to Alopecia, hormonal changes, medications, etc., chances are you've got your radar tuned to anything having to do with improving your situation, which is a perfectly healthy and natural response! Most hair extensions are meant more for extending the length of your hair, although there are also extensions -- sometimes known as fillers -- that focus more on adding volume than length.

January 25 2018

Obesity and Hair Loss - Is There a Connection?

New Look Institute

Being overweight or obese can cause all kinds of problems - but can it cause hair loss?

There is no direct connection – being overweight does not cause you to lose hair. What is more likely is that there is a root cause behind both your difficulty losing weight and your hair problems. Here are some possible things to check: