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June 13 2018

Avoid These Bad Habits That Make Your Hair Thinner

New Look Institute

While some hair loss is caused by conditions beyond our control, bad habits can make an existing problem much worse. If you don't have an underlying condition causing hair loss, it could be due to one of these common habits. Our hair specialists can help you pinpoint the true cause of your hair loss, but if you have one of these habits, changing it could help your hair stay thicker longer.

June 07 2018

At New Look Institute, We’re Constantly Getting Better

New Look Institute

There are many solutions available for those struggling with hair loss—solutions to fit any set of needs, and any budget. What’s more, hair restoration technology is constantly evolving and improving. Here at New Look Institute, it’s important to us that we evolve and improve with it. That’s why we invest in continuous education for our stylists, ensuring that they’re always well-versed in the latest hair restoration techniques, able to serve our clients with truly cutting-edge solutions.

May 21 2018

You Expect Hair Loss When You're Older, But What About In Your 20s?

New Look Institute

Many men, and even some women, expect that they will lose their hair as they get older. However, what you may not expect is losing your hair as early as your 20s. This may happen to you for a variety of reasons, but the great news is, this hair loss doesn't have to be permanent because New Look Institute can help. Here are some of the reasons why you may experience hair loss as early as your 20s.

May 15 2018

6 Reasons for Bad Hair Days and How to Overcome Them

New Look Institute

Bad hair days, we all have them and some experts say we experience them up to 3 times a week. If you have less, then you are lucky. But why do we experience then only a couple times a week, not every day? Let's see what causes bad hair days and how to overcome them. In the meantime, there is a way to get a handle on those days until your tresses are back to their lustrous, shiny beauty. New Look Institute has a number of ways to help and support you with everything from hair restoration systems, to wigs, extensions and toppers. 

May 08 2018

What is Traction Alopecia, and What Can You Do to Treat It?

New Look Institute

Hair loss is always a cause for concern, and it can be both troubling and stressful.  Those feelings tend to be exacerbated when the hair loss is sudden, or from unusual or inexplicable circumstances.  One of those circumstances is what's known as "traction alopecia."

April 24 2018

Does Having an Oily Scalp Influence Hair Loss

New Look Institute

Most people were probably never taught about a connection between oily hair and hair loss, it's not something that is openly discussed by friends and family. Our hygiene, was learned from our parents and grandparents. As kids, all we were told was "wash your hair" when it gets dirty. As we approached adolescence and our hair was oily and stringy we were instructed to "wash and run a comb through your hair." They were probably unaware that there is science behind oily hair and hair loss.

April 17 2018

Restoring Hair Growth After Therapy

New Look Institute

Aggressive radiation or chemotherapy rapidly and effectively attack growing cancer cells, but the chance of hair loss while undergoing these therapies is very real. Chemotherapy drugs also attack other rapidly growing cells in the body including those in the roots of your hair. Radiation treatments generally cause hair loss at the specific area of treatment, so cranial radiation therapy can also disrupt hair growth on the scalp.

April 10 2018

The Links Between Weight Loss and Hair Loss

New Look Institute

For many people, weight loss is not only an important way to look and feel better, but it also can be a contributor to better health and a longer life. Many people address their weight concerns with diets, cleanses, or even with weight loss surgery.

There are several reasons why weight loss, particularly sudden weight loss, can be quickly followed by hair loss. Here are the major causative factors:

April 04 2018

Sima Hilde Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

New Look Institute

At the annual Hair Visions International Hair Conference this past month, Sima Hilde, founder of New Look Institute, was honored with the esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award. This award recognizes Sima's decades of service and innovation in the hair restoration industry and her passion for helping others.

March 27 2018

Can Testosterone Cause Hair Loss For Women?

New Look Institute

The short answer to your question is yes, testosterone can cause hair loss in women, but not in a direct manner as you might think. Secondly, rest assured that New Look Institute has the solutions you need to resolve any of your individual hair loss issues and restore your hair to its natural beauty. Now let's take a clinical look at how testosterone affects hair loss in women.