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Looking Back at Last Week's National Women's Hair Loss Seminar with Kayla Martell
March 11 2014

Looking Back at Last Week's National Women's Hair Loss Seminar with Kayla Martell

New Look Institute

Where can I even begin? Last week’s seminars (yes, we had so many registrations that we ended up hosting TWO!) were incredibly moving and magnificently powerful experiences. At New Look Institute, we are accustomed to hearing women’s stories and standing by their sides as they journey through the transformation of the hair restoration process; however, watching these women come together as a group last Wednesday to find understanding, support, and ultimately, reliable information and education, was an even more inspiring and rewarding treat than usual. One attendee who admitted to having kept a New Look Institute flier on her desk since she received it a few years ago, gathering the courage to set up a consultation, said, “When I heard about this event, I realized that I owed it to myself to at least come in and learn about the possibilities, and now I’m so excited that I am here.”

That energy grew throughout the seminar during which Kayla Martell and Rhonda McCarthy presented. Afterwards, while everyone mingled, shared stories, and took part in their free consultations, it was practically tangible! Kayla removed her wig for the attendees, even sharing some make-up tips with a few ladies with alopecia. Friends and husbands watched on in support of their women, some jumping in for their own scalp analyses. Photos were being taken, autographs signed, friends made, possibilities learned, and the buzz of opportunity filled the air. “It’s really amazing how real the results look,” said one woman. “I look at it to try and find an area that looks unnatural, but cannot!” said another. Kayla Martell and Rhonda McCarthy, who take part in all of the seminars on the National Women’s Hair Loss tour, had never seen as many attendees as they did here in San Jose.

Our goal in hosting this seminar was to provide a welcoming environment and unobtrusive atmosphere in which women could learn from professionals and find trustworthy resources. The feedback we received was that so much information and education has never been provided by anyone else in the area, and that the revealing presentation on hair loss, causes, and options was extremely helpful. We are thrilled with the success of the event and extend an enormous thank you to both the presenters and the attendees – we couldn’t have done it without you!

If you missed the seminar but are interested in a private hair and scalp analysis of your own, you can still contact us for a free, no obligation consultation. Click here to learn more.

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