Hair Restoration Systems for Women

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Thinning hair is a tough thing for women to accept—and our message to them is that they don’t have to. There are always effective hair replacement solutions available, and at New Look Institute, we can provide access to the best on the market. This includes a number of hair restoration systems, from top brands like Reallusions, Virtuesse, and Cesare Ragazzi.

Why a Women’s Hair Replacement System?

There are many reasons to consider a hair replacement system from New Look Institute. One is that these systems can be perfectly integrated with your natural, growing hair. Our stylists work to preserve the hair you have on your head, and to blend it seamlessly with the hair replacement system of your choosing—leading to a look that’s completely authentic.

Hair replacement systems offer amazing results, which is what most women faced with hair loss truly want. They’re comfortable, and easy to wear. Maintenance for a hair replacement system is usually minor, not much different from regular day-do-day hair upkeep. Most importantly, hair replacement systems both look and feel completely natural, and provide you with a way to get the appearance you really desire.

Cesare Ragazzi

Cesare Ragazzi

For those searching for the best hair available, Cesare Ragazzi has long been a leading name in medical grade hair replacement, and we are proud to provide their top-of-the-line CNC product - Capellini Naturali a Contatto (Natural Contact Hair). The CNC is the most sophisticated hair replacement system on the market today—natural-looking, clinically proven, and non-surgical. It allows women to get the look they want and live their life without compromise.

At New Look Institute, we take careful measurements of a client’s scalp to create an exact mold. We also match a client’s exact scalp color, hair color, hairline, and hair pattern. All of this information is sent to Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories in Italy, where they follow a 39-step process, including the use of 3D printing, and the expertise of Italian artisans who hand inject virgin, non-processed human hair into the base -- to create a unique hair system for each client.

CNC is perfect for women facing either partial or total hair loss. It’s comfortable, undetectable, and easy to maintain. We recommend that any women facing hair loss look into the CNC from Cesare Ragazzi.



Our team only offers hair systems that are proven to be effective, and one of the most popular is Reallusions. This non-surgical hair replacement method is ideal for women whose hair has thinned due to alopecia or other medical conditions. It allows your stylist to add just the right amount of hair in just the right places, ensuring fullness, length, and total coverage.

Reallusions works well for women looking to match their former look or to discover a bold new one. It’s made from 100 percent real human hair, so the results both look and feel natural. Added hair can be styles and integrated however you like, and Reallusions is both lightweight and easy to care for.



Another line we’re proud to offer is Virtuesse. This is another non-surgical option that allows women to get full, natural-looking hair that’s perfectly blended with what’s growing on their head.

Here’s how it works: A super-thin, flexible, skin-like base is placed on your scalp, and 100 percent human hairs are inserted into it, following natural hair growth patterns. The resulting look is undetectable and completely seamless. It’s also lightweight, it’s easy to maintain, and it accommodates most any lifestyle.

Why New Look Institute?

Based in San Jose, California, and serving the entire Silicon Valley/Bay Arearegion, New Look Institute boasts more than 18 years of experience in women’s hair design. We know how to help our clients find the hair system that is the best fit for their needs—as well as their budget—and we can help to design a fully custom hair replacement system from the base up, perfectly matching the client’s desired color and style.

We’re also known for our personable service. We have a team of committed stylists who meet with clients one-on-one to get a feel for their needs and their goals, and to help narrow down the options. New Look Institute is a welcoming and comfortable place, and the perfect place to pursue your hair restoration system.

Find a Hair Replacement System Today

No matter your lifestyle, no matter your budget, and no matter your hair needs, there is a hair replacement system that will work for you. We invite you to join us at New Look Institute in San Jose to discover the right hair replacement system for you. Come in for a consultation today.